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9s 8811 flag France Transparent 55ms
10s 8080 flag Turkey Transparent 968ms
18s 32963 flag Thailand Elite 335ms
23s 58901 flag South Africa Elite 259ms
23s 8080 flag Benin Transparent 381ms
24s 8080 flag Poland Transparent 800ms
26s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 567ms
28s 33647 flag Russia Elite 234ms
29s 4444 flag Ukraine Elite 201ms
36s 80 flag China Anonymous 318ms
36s 83 flag India Transparent 748ms
37s 8080 flag Peru Transparent 295ms
46s 3128 flag Indonesia Transparent 641ms
47s 8080 flag Nepal Transparent 121ms
47s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 622ms
48s 8090 flag Argentina Transparent 272ms
48s 8080 flag Nepal Transparent 392ms
49s 83 flag India Transparent 158ms
51s 8080 flag Nepal Transparent 231ms
51s 8080 flag Nepal Transparent 290ms
54s 45952 flag Russia Elite 497ms
54s 8080 flag Nepal Transparent 227ms
56s 3128 flag Ukraine Elite 226ms
1m 1s 3128 flag United States Elite 822ms
1m 4s 3128 flag China Transparent 576ms
1m 5s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 743ms
1m 6s 8080 flag India Transparent 642ms
1m 6s 8080 flag Singapore Transparent 399ms
1m 7s 8080 flag Canada Elite 305ms
1m 11s 8000 flag China Elite 307ms
1m 12s 80 flag China Elite 954ms
1m 13s 8000 flag China Elite 322ms
1m 14s 80 flag Brazil Anonymous 610ms
1m 14s 33260 flag Vietnam Elite 559ms
1m 15s 8000 flag China Elite 310ms
1m 17s 3128 flag China Elite 339ms
1m 17s 8123 flag Singapore Elite 37ms
1m 18s 80 flag Singapore Elite 65ms
1m 20s 3128 flag Singapore Elite 56ms
1m 20s 59504 flag Indonesia Elite 457ms
1m 21s 37399 flag Colombia Transparent 914ms
1m 21s 8080 flag Ukraine Elite 866ms
1m 22s 3128 flag China Transparent 391ms
1m 23s 8118 flag Singapore Elite 191ms
1m 28s 30447 flag Chile Elite 80ms
1m 28s 34842 flag Spain Elite 396ms
1m 28s 8080 flag Ecuador Transparent 296ms
1m 30s 80 flag United States Elite 764ms
1m 31s 8080 flag India Transparent 305ms
1m 36s 4433 flag Netherlands Transparent 498ms
m s 0 flag 0ms

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