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55s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 289ms
58s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 107ms
1m 3s 8080 flag Iran Anonymous 819ms
1m 10s 37804 flag Brazil Elite 197ms
1m 10s 8080 flag India Transparent 504ms
1m 14s 47362 flag Russia Elite 304ms
1m 16s 8080 flag Iran Elite 53ms
1m 28s 56982 flag Russia Elite 153ms
1m 34s 8080 flag United Kingdom Transparent 900ms
1m 41s 8080 flag Russia Elite 103ms
1m 43s 8080 flag Iran Anonymous 38ms
1m 47s 3128 flag Greece Transparent 276ms
2m 0s 8080 flag Iran Transparent 73ms
2m 3s 38544 flag Poland Elite 100ms
2m 16s 8080 flag Republic of Moldova Transparent 498ms
2m 17s 31793 flag Brazil Elite 77ms
2m 18s 3128 flag Iran Elite 59ms
2m 19s 8080 flag Iran Transparent 291ms
2m 23s 42951 flag Iran Elite 74ms
2m 32s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 536ms
2m 40s 3128 flag Indonesia Elite 449ms
2m 43s 9991 flag Mexico Transparent 210ms
2m 46s 8080 flag Iran Transparent 51ms
3m 5s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 214ms
3m 7s 3128 flag China Elite 147ms
3m 18s 8080 flag Germany Anonymous 367ms
3m 21s 8080 flag Kazakhstan Transparent 335ms
3m 24s 80 flag France Elite 273ms
3m 37s 80 flag Russia Elite 444ms
3m 37s 38972 flag Ecuador Elite 105ms
3m 38s 8080 flag Iran Transparent 103ms
3m 58s 8080 flag Greece Transparent 608ms
4m 6s 33802 flag Brazil Elite 103ms
4m 16s 59527 flag Brazil Elite 328ms
4m 16s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 122ms
4m 33s 8080 flag Latvia Transparent 198ms
4m 49s 8080 flag Russia Transparent 450ms
4m 51s 80 flag France Elite 625ms
4m 52s 8080 flag Czech Republic Elite 461ms
4m 52s 3128 flag France Transparent 611ms
5m 2s 8080 flag Colombia Transparent 290ms
5m 7s 36113 flag Colombia Elite 174ms
5m 24s 8080 flag Ukraine Transparent 79ms
5m 46s 8080 flag Bulgaria Elite 373ms
5m 50s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 708ms
5m 51s 8080 flag Albania Transparent 98ms
5m 57s 80 flag United States Elite 226ms
5m 57s 80 flag United States Transparent 802ms
5m 58s 80 flag United States Elite 755ms
6m 1s 80 flag Austria Anonymous 880ms
m s 0 flag 0ms

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