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1m 45s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 98ms
1m 50s 47503 flag United States Elite 21ms
1m 56s 443 flag Indonesia Elite 660ms
1m 58s 3128 flag Ukraine Transparent 41ms
2m 2s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 880ms
2m 5s 8080 flag Argentina Transparent 926ms
2m 7s 8080 flag Indonesia Transparent 342ms
2m 7s 8080 flag Afghanistan Transparent 57ms
2m 11s 53281 flag Russia Elite 733ms
2m 12s 23500 flag Mozambique Elite 515ms
2m 14s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 682ms
2m 15s 8081 flag Brazil Transparent 182ms
2m 16s 8080 flag Argentina Transparent 564ms
2m 22s 3128 flag Argentina Transparent 293ms
2m 23s 3128 flag Argentina Transparent 425ms
2m 27s 80 flag United States Anonymous 578ms
2m 30s 8080 flag South Africa Transparent 868ms
2m 31s 80 flag United States Elite 64ms
2m 32s 8888 flag China Elite 103ms
2m 32s 54857 flag Russia Elite 943ms
2m 35s 8080 flag United States Transparent 492ms
2m 41s 31869 flag Ukraine Elite 426ms
2m 42s 55913 flag Russia Elite 357ms
2m 42s 8811 flag France Transparent 389ms
2m 43s 34902 flag Russia Elite 414ms
2m 44s 8080 flag United States Elite 49ms
2m 44s 8080 flag Burundi Transparent 237ms
2m 45s 8811 flag United Kingdom Transparent 251ms
2m 45s 8080 flag United States Elite 56ms
2m 45s 3128 flag United States Elite 60ms
2m 45s 3128 flag United States Elite 49ms
2m 47s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 621ms
2m 52s 4645 flag Republic of Moldova Elite 204ms
2m 53s 3128 flag India Elite 525ms
2m 53s 8080 flag India Transparent 772ms
2m 53s 46345 flag Lesotho Elite 603ms
2m 58s 8080 flag United States Elite 42ms
3m 3s 3128 flag Australia Transparent 72ms
3m 5s 8080 flag United States Elite 34ms
3m 15s 65205 flag Botswana Elite 302ms
3m 18s 8811 flag United Kingdom Transparent 79ms
3m 18s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 39ms
3m 19s 3128 flag Netherlands Elite 54ms
3m 19s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 77ms
3m 20s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 85ms
3m 22s 38935 flag Brazil Elite 585ms
3m 23s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 62ms
3m 23s 8080 flag Brazil Transparent 281ms
3m 25s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 21ms
3m 25s 8080 flag Netherlands Elite 30ms
m s 0 flag 0ms

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